I love taking photos! I love creating a feeling, mood or connection through documentary, lifestyle shots. I seek something..maybe a little whimsy, depth or texture. For me, capturing an image through the lens is inspiring and an opportunity to possess a greater piece of the world.

I love art. I aspire for artistry through writing, painting and photography. I would love to pursue music as well but it would be the violin and my husband is wary of what practice sessions may yield.

I am native to Maine but living in NY for the last 20 years! The two little boys all over my site are mine! Such kind and charismatic characters! I adore the beach, festivals and concerts, hiking and exploring, travel constantly and have far too many interests and not enough time. I have a close family and although very social, have had a small amount of close friends for decades, which is perfect. I am sensitive, sincere, thoughtful and observant.

Through photography..I have learned to be patient with myself. I have returned to that "other self" before kids and the demands of a working mother (school psychologist by day). I make time for creativity!

I welcome you to join me in this experience! Take a look at my work and see if it speaks to you..does it evoke a feeling or make a connection? Maybe it's just a pretty shot? I prefer lifestyle shots but will also book portrait sessions and events (legal and insured to make it easy for you). For pricing and booking, please contact me directly.

I am so excited to meet you!

XO Amity